The Dutch market seems to currently have a sweet potato shortage

Robert Voskamp

"The Dutch market seems to currently have a sweet potato shortage. Demand isn't unusually high, but availability is sorely lacking. Prices are good at present, after a somewhat disappointing season," says Robert Voskamp, who officially starts Rola Fresh today. The young company focuses on sweet potato imports from mainly the U.S. and Egypt, and greenhouse vegetables and French specialty potatoes imports. 

European wholesalers, hospitality sector suppliers, vegetable processors, and Dutch exporters can now knock on Rola Fresh's door. The products are stored, transshipped, and, if required, repackaged at Cool Control's conditioned storage and transshipment site in Maasdijk. To accommodate customers immediately, the first containers of sweet potatoes from both the U.S. and Egypt have already been shipped. They are expected in the port of Rotterdam in the next few days. French specialty potatoes are already in stock, and the Spanish greenhouse vegetable season will commence soon. 

Spain's sweet potato supply is slowly picking up, but most of that is for the local market. Egypt has also started, but the quantities have been minimal so far, and due to some delays, we're only expecting new arrivals next week. Production in Egypt is well underway, so plenty of their products should reach the market in three or four weeks."

American sweet potatoes are just about off the market. Rola Fresh is in the enviable position of having this popular product available. "Our grower can probably keep sending his "old crop" until the new one becomes available. Thanks to the correct cultivation, handling, and storage methods, the quality's still excellent. That's amazing, especially considering that this product was harvested almost eleven months ago," says Robert.

Offering the best value-for-money vegetables and (sweet) potatoes fits Rola Fresh's mission perfectly. "We want to help people all over Europe improve their food choices through importing and exporting healthy, affordable vegetables and (sweet) potatoes. I think it's important that our sector spread the word about genuinely healthy food even better. We're certainly going to do our part to do that," Robert concludes.

Rola Fresh wants to celebrate its start with a fun giveaway. Anyone taking four or more pallets in September could win one of ten copies of the cookbook Ottolenghi FLAVOUR. It showcases vegetables' endless possibilities in the most delicious recipes.

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