Paul-Wouter den Ouden strengthens team


From 1 October, Paul-Wouter den Ouden will start at importer and exporter Rola Fresh. “With the arrival of Paul-Wouter, we are at full capacity to provide our customers with the best sweet potatoes, imported greenhouse vegetables and French specialty potatoes”. According to Robert Voskamp.


Both gentlemen are not unknown to each other, they had worked together for almost 8 years at their previous employer and before that they had worked together for many years as a customer and supplier. You can say that they work well together. “I am very happy and proud of the arrival of Paul-Wouter. I speak from experience that we are a good team and I look forward to making Rola Fresh a great success together.” According to Robert. But what exactly is the success of your collaboration? Paul-Wouter explains “we are both hard workers, open and honest and aim for a high level of service. We click well and are on the same page when it comes to our vision and way of working. So it is really an amazing challenge to build Rola Fresh together and turn it into a successful company.”

Background Paul-Wouter

Just like with Robert, Paul-Wouter also has “fresh produce blood” flowing through his veins. As a 3-year-old boy you could already meet him on a pallet of cucumbers when he went to the auction with his father. Even though his father advised to study for a different trade, Paul-Wouter ended up in the fruit and vegetable sector at a young age. What should have been a gap year before starting his new officer training, has now become more than 20 years of experience in the fresh produce industry. “It's just a really fun industry to work in, everyone needs vegetables and it's super healthy. In addition, no day is ever the same and that is exactly what I like very much. Even after more than 20 years, I still experience that, especially this year with the energy challenge that the industry is facing.”

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