New! Importer and exporter Rola Fresh B.V.

Robert Voskamp

Expert in sweet potatoes, imported greenhouse vegetables and French specialty potatoes.

A new player will enter the market on 1 September, named Rola Fresh. Robert Voskamp, owner of Rola Fresh, feels this is the right time to start his own business after more than 20 years of experience in the fresh produce sector. 'Because I've seen and done a lot, I know very well what I want for my own company', says Voskamp. From September, he and his team will start supplying the processing industry, food distributors and wholesalers throughout Europe. Initially, the focus will be mainly on sweet potatoes, French specialty potatoes and for the winter season imported greenhouse vegetables.


By choosing a number of specific product groups, Rola Fresh keeps their assortment organized. ‘I grew up in the Dutch greenhouse vegetables business and I still have a large network there. But about 10 years ago, with the help of an American grower who now is a friend of mine, I started direct import of sweet potatoes and that actually suits me even better.

Making a seasonal plan together with our growers and then making adequate adjustments if necessary is something I really enjoy doing. The import of sweet potatoes is less time sensitive compared to the Dutch greenhouse vegetables business and is therefore easier to handle with a small team like ours.

Our strength lies in knowledge, experience and the relationships that we have with our growers and suppliers. As a specialist, we are happy to share our market information to our customers who can use to determine their strategy. By organizing the company in a smart way, we are convinced that customers will receive the best value for money. We can supply our products in any desired volume, without it being at cost of the grower’s payout price. Our existing network, both customers and suppliers, have already indicated that they are very interested in this way of working and they see Rola Fresh as an extension on the market.” says Voskamp.

To spread health

Making vegetables and (sweet) potatoes available at best value for money fits perfectly with Rola Fresh's mission. 'We want to contribute to improving a healthy food choice for consumers throughout Europe by importing and exporting healthy and affordable vegetables and (sweet) potatoes', says Voskamp. ‘I think it is important that we, as a sector, spread the story about real healthy food even better. Take a look at the supermarket shelves, it is full of processed, unhealthy food that is often pretended to be healthy. I am convinced that even more fruit and vegetables will be consumed if people are helped with easy to make recipes and gain more insight into what real healthy food does to your body. The ultimate goal is a healthier society, which could be an important part of solving the increasingly expensive healthcare system. As Rola Fresh, we would like to contribute to this. We will do this by supporting projects that educate young people about healthy food. We also want to inspire our followers where possible by showing what kind of super tasty food you can make from our products and what the health benefits of these products are. We have come up with a lot of great ideas and promotions for this, which we will announce to our followers later this year.

Starts from 1 September

As we speak, we are working hard on all preparations, so Rola Fresh can make a smooth start on 1 September. “Starting a business involves a lot and I am someone who wants to do it right the first time. This is why I took the summer period to prepare everything down to the last detail, so we can kick off to a good start as of 1 September.' says Voskamp.

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