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Rola Fresh is an importer and exporter of greenhouse vegetables, sweet potatoes and French potato specialities. By focusing on these product groups, we are ensuring that we really are specialists in the sector and are able to serve everyone quickly and efficiently at a competitive price. That is what we do!


In case you don't know us yet, we would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Robert Voskamp and Paul-Wouter den Ouden, the team behind Rola Fresh. As the youngest member of a Westland family of growers, Robert literally grew up in the greenhouse and have been raised to understand the importance of hard work. Paul-Wouter also has “fresh produce blood” flowing through his veins. As a 3-year-old boy you could already meet him on a pallet of cucumbers when he went to the auction with his father.

“We had worked together for almost eight years at a previous employer and before that we had worked together for many years as customer and supplier. We are a good team with nearly half a century experience in the Fresh Produce sector.”

The experience and knowledge we gained helped us to develop a very clear vision for Rola Fresh, based on hard work, open communication and solution-oriented thinking. It's vital that, as a sector, we work to improve the way in which we promote genuinely healthy food. Just take a look at the supermarket shelves, full of unhealthy, processed food, and yet so often marketed as healthy. We are convinced that fruit and vegetable consumption will increase if people are encouraged to try good, easy, and delicious recipes. This will help them to become aware of the positive influence of genuinely healthy food on our bodies.

The ultimate goal is a healthier society, which can become an important part of the solution to an increasingly expensive healthcare system. At Rola Fresh, we want to play our part too.

Our mission

By importing and exporting healthy and affordable vegetables, potatoes and sweet potatoes, Rola Fresh is helping to improve a healthy lifestyle among consumers throughout Europe.

How do we do this?

R eliable- with over 50 years of combined experience in the Fresh Produce sector, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We know how to select suitable, like minded partners. Hard work, open communication and solution based thinking are our guiding principles. We speak in plain language and are true to our word.

O ptimistic – we believe that healthy food isn’t a trend, but a lifestyle that can help to prevent a whole range of illnesses. We have made it our mission to educate young and old about the benefits of vegetables, potatoes and sweet potatoes to our health.

L ow cost - we want to make fruit, vegetables and potatoes as affordable as possible, for everyone. This is why we have designed our organisation in a way that ensures distribution of our products throughout Europe at minimal cost.

A utomation - thanks to smart automation and a select product range, Rola Fresh's lean and mean organisation is able to sell products to its customers at the lowest possible price, and in any quantity required.

Our products

Sweet potatoes and potato specialities

We import the most delicious sweet potatoes, mainly from the US and Egypt, but French potato specialities also form a colourful addition to our range. We export these long-lasting and nutritious vitamin bombs throughout Europe. 

Zoete aardappels oranjevlezig

Our personal favourite has it all. The orange-fleshed sweet potato is deliciously sweet and full of vitamins. We import the majority of orange sweet potatoes from the USA, followed by Egypt, Spain and Portugal. They are available all year round, in all packaging and sizes.

Paarse zoete aardappels

These purple eye-catchers are imported mainly from the USA, and also from Portugal and Brazil. Despite the smaller volume of produce available, this striking variety completes our sweet potato assortment.

Zoete aardappel wit vlezig

The white-fleshed sweet potato is relatively unknown in Europe, but it is the commonly eaten variety throughout some parts of the world. We import this variety mainly from Brazil and Portugal. This variety is slightly drier and less sweet than its orange coloured sister.


Our best-selling special potato variety is the baby potato, also known as Grenailles. Available in waxy or floury varieties and in numerous large and small packaging, it’s ideal for the catering and retail sectors.

Aardappel Specialties

The most unique, special potato varieties are: the purple coloured potato, also known as the truffle potato or Vitelotte, the Ratte potato, and the red skinned Roseval potato. These attention grabbers taste sublime and turn every served meal into a real feast.

Grill aardappels

These giants are baking potatoes, also known as grill potatoes. Perfect for slow cooking in the oven or on the barbecue, then add a delicious filling of your choice afterwards.

Spanish greenhouse vegetables

Greenhouse vegetables are one of our specialities which we mainly import from Spain. When the Dutch season comes to an end, the Spanish greenhouse vegetables are at their best. These heat-loving sun worshippers are also exported across Europe.


Our specialism from the Spanish greenhouses: Capsicums! Packed directly by our growers without the interference of auctions, cooperatives or packing stations. These vitamin C bombs are available in all colours, sizes, packaging and quality classes.


The tomato is our most versatile product. We have them readily available all year round, in all colours, sizes and packaging. Such as round tomatoes, beef tomatoes, plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. And most varieties are available in red, yellow, green, orange and brown. Too many to mention!


The indispensable, popular, and refreshing cucumber is available in every type of packaging, wrapped and unwrapped. Alongside the regular cucumber, we also deliver the mini variety all year round.


Aubergines, with their dark purple colour and green crowns, are a majestic vegetable. It has been popular in Southern and Eastern Europe for decades, and the aubergine is rapidly gaining ground in Northern Europe too. Did you know that aubergine is also delicious when grilled as a meat substitute?


The traditional green courgette is available all year round. But if you really want to surprise your customer, you can also choose the yellow or white courgette. Courgettes thrive in the warm Spanish sun and are available in any size and packaging required.


These hot and spicy delights will set you on fire. Chillies in all colours and varieties. From the very mild Piemento Padron to the hottest Carolina Reaper variety. The best seller is the elongated “Spanish pepper".

Mina Vita

Hi there! My name is Mina Vita and I'm crazy about vegetables, fruit and potatoes. I know a lot about the benefits our different varieties have to offer and I'd love to tell you about them! You can find me on the packaging, where I also tell the story behind the products. This way, everyone can learn about these benefits!

Of course, you already know that a sweet potato isn’t actually a potato but a root vegetable. Yet many consumers don’t know this, which is why I will be telling this story and many more facts relating to our products. For example, sweet potatoes are real vitamin bombs. They contain lots of vitamin C, which is good for your skin and immune system. But that’s not all, they are also a source of vitamin B6, which helps to keep your blood vessels supple and regulate your blood pressure. I am going to tell this story and many more facts to the entire world!

To spread health!

Food Safety

Quality, traceability, and food safety are core values for the products we sell. We ensure this through our IFS-Broker certificate, a recognized food safety certificate that demonstrates that we meet strict product safety and quality requirements.

Furthermore, all our growers are at least GlobalG.A.P certified and we are GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody (CoC) certified. This certificate improves chain transparency and product traceability. In addition, it helps prevent GlobalG.A.P.-certified products from being mixed with products that are not GlobalG.A.P. certified or substituted for each other.

We also chose our logistics service provider Cool Control because they meet the certifications that are important to us. Cool Control is certified with BRC and, like us, with GlobalG.A.P. CoC, so your products are in safe hands.

Our IFS-Broker, GlobalG.A.P. CoC certificate, and also the certificates of our logistics partner Cool Control can be downloaded below.

Our network

We believe it is important to only work with reliable, high-quality partners, namely growers, farmers, growers’ associations and cooperatives with whom we have been working for years and have developed a relationship of trust. 

Our partners are all at least Global G.A.P-certified and may have other additional certificates that help to guarantee food safety. We regularly visit our loyal suppliers on location to see how they interact with their products, the company and staff. The same applies to our customers. We only do business with reliable and loyal customers who don’t lose sight of our growers’ interests. Our customers are mainly retailers and wholesalers, cash & carries and vegetable processors throughout Europe, but Dutch exporters are valued customers too. 

We believe in the importance of a good relationship with our customers, and that through open and honest communication, we can progress together. And that is our aim, a fair price for our suppliers and helping customers to grow!

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